Cam NEO Coolcam RF Gateway with NVR 8 CH


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Cam NEO Coolcam RF Gateway with NVR 8 CH

Discover new possibilities and create your perfect smart home.

Comunicate with your home and tell it what you want it to do.

Main Feature :

Realize smart devices interconnections with iHome Kits and Smart Alarm Host .

What is the Smart Alarm Host ?

is the control center of iHome kits connect with app and smart kits. Integrate information automatically and achieve real-time linkage between app and smart kits. Alarm Host is the essential parts of iHome kits. The Sensors can work without alarm host.

Application control and Home Security

With intelligent equipment, create your own intelligent life.

Tecnical Specifications :

  • Gateway + 8 channel NVR function ;
  • Send alert notifications to smartphone when alarm triggered or low battery ;
  • Add sensors via QR Code ;
  • RJ 45 port ;
  • HDMI port, directly connect monitor ;
  • Built-in Hard Disk 2.5 inch ;
  • 8 Channel HD Video Recording ;
  • High-quality audio and video ;
  • Quick and Easy setup with auto camera discovery ;
  • RF range : Up to 50m outdoor; Up to 30m indoor ;
  • Radio Frequency : 868.4 MHz EU ; 908.4 MHz US ; 921.4 MHz ANZ ; 869.2 MHz RU ;
  • App for Android and iOS smartphone ;
  • Power Supply : 5V / 2.5A DC ;
  • Operating Temperature : 0 - 40℃ ;

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Cam NEO Coolcam RF Gateway with NVR 8 CH

Cam NEO Coolcam RF Gateway with NVR 8 CH

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